• Drake Silver

This Is Where The Magic Begins

Hello Readers! For this whole month, Enchantin Sounds will be bringing you epic music from Disney. Seeing how they will be opening back up sooner or later. Lets not forget about those iconics songs that brought joy to our lives. From the movies to the shows. From the heroes, villains, and side characters. I will be bringing those magical sounds right through your computer. Hoping to bring back the memories from the classics to the new songs, this should be fun. Shall we begin at the beginning.

Disney Music Quick History lesson

We all grew up watching a Disney movie, show, or anything related to them. Even so no matter how old one is, we know about Mickey Mouse "Hot Dogs" is the first word. Steamboat Willie with that whistling tune. From what I'm hearing is that the very first song was the title "Mickey Mouse March". Written by Jimmie Dodd and published by Hal Leonard Corp, who would go on being a songwriter for Disney. This would be remembered by many seeing how Disney does make catchy music which is often really easy to remember.

This First Song Became A Legend

As Disney went on to make more shows and movies and grow. The first iconic song that would come to be remembered for ages is from 1940 Pinocchio, "When You Wish Upon A Star". Even just hearing the name I can hear the words. This classic was written by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington, but sung by Cliff Edwards character Jiminy Cricket. Not only was this song good for the children who needed something to believe in, but this very song ending up becoming a theme song for Disney later. If you take the time to notice the opening to a movie, you will hear an orchestra playing that very song. It is no lie when you watch a Disney movie you will hear it right from the beginning.

The Next Iconic Song

Well enough with the historic and on the years to come. Face facts that businesses will evolve. That is what good businesses do. That is what Disney did with their music and movies. I was born in the 90s so this is just my humble opinion when I say Disney songs were better than the next and getting better. They might have come out in the 80s, but that just goes to show you how much of an impact a good movie with really good songs can do. As we speak, The Little Mermaid "Part Of Your World" is the most iconic song now. Well, my favorite comes from the same movie, but I like the song "Kiss The Girl" which was written by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman and performed by Samuel Wright who played Sebastian. Still to this day, I can honestly say I can sing that song word from word. Wait, don't judge me because I know your reading this and in a second you can sing a song from one of Disney's movies too. We all got our music.

I won't get into the others now because like I said. This will last for a month, we're only getting started. I will tell you about my top 10 songs sung by heroes, villains, side characters, and plenty more. If you are interested in the kinds of music from Disney, then CLICK HERE for more information. Until next time music listeners stay enchanted with every sound that we hear.