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Songs That Have A Little Meaning Behind Them Pt 2

Hello Readers and oowee it's been some days since part one. Can't believe I got so busy these couple of days, but here I am to give you part two. As you know part one was about Pocahontas and that oh-so-loving song "Savages". Today I'm here to talk about The Little Mermaid "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from Ursula. Also "Hells Fire" is sung by Judge Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I listen to these songs over and over so here are my words on these songs' messages.

Poor Poor Souls

First up is Ursula with a hit classic song, "Poor Unfortunate Souls". This music was written by Howard Ashman, composed by Alan Menken, and sung by Pat Carrol. In the movie, this song is sung to Ariel because she wanted to make it seem like she wanted to help her. What she wanted was King Triton's trident so she can control the sea. Looking at her character she had a feeling of someone who was working as a Madam in a host club back in the 80s. From the clothes down to the mole, Ursula was one scheming woman who preyed on the desperate. Here are some lyrics from the song.

"Now it's happened once or twice

Someone couldn't pay the price

And I'm afraid I had to rake 'em 'cross the coals

Yes I've had the odd complaint

But on the whole I've been a saint

To those poor unfortunate souls"

There's more, much more where this comes from, but unless your desperate why would you even make a deal. The people behind this song might have not thought anything of it at the time. This movie came out in 1989 so I could understand. This song seems like it was making fun of those who would do anything to make just one wish come true. Like those people would make a deal with the Devil if they could just get that one wish. That's like me approaching a young conductor promising him to be famous, but I would have to take his hearing away. People would do anything for fame back then and even now. Try not to be too desperate people.

The Fire That Burns

Next up, which I think might have become my second or third favorite villain song is "Hells Fire" by no other than the judge himself, Claude Frollo. This song was written by Alan Menkel and sung by Tony Jay. The movie had that before the revolution feels to it seeing how the church was heavily involved with burning the "witches" known as gypsies. The judge was a man who had respect and who you thought was a righteous man, but he also had a very dark sin. That man had that sinful lust in him. It also seems to me that this song which was made in 1996, well the writers might have been noticing things in real life. A sex craze judge, killer, or even someone in power who if he couldn't get the woman no one would have her. Here are some lyrics to "Hells Fire"

"Protect me, Maria

Don't let the siren cast her spell

Don't let her fire sear my flesh and bone

Destroy Esmeralda

And let her taste the fires of Hell!

Or else let her be mine and mine alone"

That is just a taste like a man. You all seem to have seen the series "You". Just picture Joe singing this song. Like I feel like Disney had it in for either people in power or people of the church. Picture this song now, what would call a person if he lusted after a woman, couldn't have her, and then told all the people she was a witch and needed to be burned. Whether you have power or you a genius, killing is killing. I'll give them one thing, this song is kind of catchy and has a good rhythm to it.

What do you think about these songs and what are your opinions on them?

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