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Songs That Have A Little Meaning Behind Them

Hello Readers! Here again to give another blog about which theme? Disney theme month. That's right and today I will tell you about hidden messages in these three songs that I heard again over and over. Now as a kid, you didn't care to listen to the words back then. I mean think about it, all you cared about was the groove and how it felt. Even now we know Disney's songs are catchy, sometimes annoying, and pretty easy to sing along with. So I was struggling to know which subject to talk to everyone about. Then it hit me...

Y es, it hit me nice and soft like a full feather pillow. Instead of doing the heroes, what about the villains. In this time we live in, people don't care about heroes anymore. Look at the movie Maleficent. We all know the cartoon pegged her as an evil witch who turns into a dragon then dies at the end. Fast forward to 2014 and now she's this misunderstood heroin. Will Cruella De Vil be the same. So funny... Well Enough with the details and on to the music.

First, up is a song number from Pocahontas called, "Savages". You read that right "savages" and before we get to the hidden meaning which all might know it. Let me tell you a little about this song. Some would think this song is fantastic because of, well let's say that money speaks. trust me 355 mil speaks to where everyone remains silent. Even before the album came out there were some songs that didn't cut.

To give you the best blog, I read the lyrics and heard this song over and over again. I can say that at that timeline the song didn't seem so bad. The way the "Gen Z" kids going, I wouldn't doubt if this song would get "cancel" too. The setup started after John Smith gets captured by Indians because they think he killed their strongest, Kocoum. So of course by law, he has to pay with his life. Well, our good ole evil villain Governor Ratcliffe decides to take advantage of this situation and stirs the crowd. Giving a speech in a song calling his soldiers to arms as he calls them savages who only know how to kill and hurt. While this is going on, we can go all the way to the Indians camp. They were doing the same thing saying that they always lie and didn't come for peace. Here are some lyrics.

Governor Radcliffe -

What can you expect

From filthy little heathens?

Their whole disgusting race is like a curse

Their skin's a hellish red

They're only good when dead

They're vermin, as I said

And worse

Indians Side -

This is what we feared The paleface is a demon The only thing they feel at all is greed

Beneath that milky hide There's emptiness inside

Well like wow... I swear I didn't care too much about this. All I cared about was Pocahantas and John Smith getting together. That song was hateful. Look we remember that Kocoum was jealous and tried to kill John first. John didn't even kill him, a character named Thomas did. Well now I know somethings it was self-defense when you think about it. I didn't care too much about him anyway, but because of that scene, it went from a small fire to a wildfire. All them didn't trust one another and obvious they were waiting for something bad to go down. Especially the governor who had more to gain from enticing the crowd.

Some songs in this movie were ok some good some bad. think though, this movie came out in 1995 and that song was just showing how people were and still are. The anger from the Indians led to them trying to make an innocent man guilty. The fear from the soldiers led them to rally behind a greedy and man who had his selfish reasons wanting the Indians dead. Out of all them who had anger and fear, of course, only Pocahontas was thinking calmly. So that being said with all the Disney real-life movies their making. I can't see them making this movie any time soon. Also heard this were made from real-life events. Read that and it didn't seem as romantic or magical as this movie or is that just me...

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