• Drake Silver

Questlove is set to release a new book titled "Music Is History."

Questlove has announced the publication of a new book titled Music Is History, which will examine the past 50 years through the "prism" of popular music.

The new book by the Roots drummer will concentrate on one song from each year from 1971 to 2021, elucidating how that song was influenced by or captures the politics and culture of that year. Questlove-curated playlists are also included in the book as a supplement to the chapters.

Questlove said of the book on Instagram, "Here we'll look at the last 50 years of America through the lens of music, and the last 50 years of music through the prism of history," adding, "I think of the America we live in as a collection of songs."

Music Is History, which is now available for preorder, will be released on October 12th by Abrams Image, with an audiobook featuring Questlove's narration and storytelling coming out the same month. Questlove's sixth book, Music Is History, is his first since his 2019 cookbook Mixtape Potluck.

Summer of Soul (...Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised), Questlove's directorial debut, will be released in theaters and on Hulu on July 2nd, following an award-winning film festival run earlier this year. The drummer is already working on his next project, a Sly Stone documentary.