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Post Malone is releasing rosé-inspired merchandise as well as a new Maison No. 9 bottle.

Warmer weather is welcome! Rosé season is in full swing now that spring has arrived.

Post Malone, Global Brand Equities' James Morrissey, and music boss Dre London revealed the 2021 Maison No. 9 launch on Friday (April 2), which includes a new vintage and merch.

The 2020 vintage rosé will have a new look, complete with a new logo and color scheme. There will be six items in the merch set, including t-shirts, caps, and hoodies.

The launch will take place at 12 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 8. Customers who buy a bottle of the revamped vintage wine will receive a 20% discount code for the clothing range.

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