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Your musician will appreciate a gift that’s keyed Into Their Passion.

Looking for the perfect gift for a pianist or a piano enthusiast? Your musician will appreciate these gift that’s keyed into their beloved passion. We searched hundreds of ideas and narrowed them down to 10 that will make them smile with glee all day.

Piano Bottle opener on the go

Slim, stylish, and functional, this unique bottle opener is a great way to add a little flair on a budget. It is small and thin enough to fit in your pocket, but the solid stainless steel construction will last for life.

Music Stainless Wine Glass

Your piano player’s entertainment need not be limited to the keyboard. Crystal Stemless glass is dishwasher-safe and durable, perfect for everyday use. This elegant, lead-free glassware is designed and produced in Europe with attention to detail.

LEGO Grand Piano Model Building Kit

This fun LEGO Grand Piano Kit comes together to form a realistic looking grand piano complete with little pedals. A great over the fireplace little decorative trinket for your musician’s home.

Piano Music Box

This realistic-looking, grand piano-shaped music box will keep you endlessly entertained with its catalog of different tunes. Carefully made with a quality wood finish, it is sure to become a centerpiece in the home of your musician. Even comes complete with a matching bench.

The Library of Piano Classics

Containing 100+ of the best-loved classical piano pieces, this compendium will keep a piano player content for life. A compendium of the world's most loved music. True to the spirit of the great composers, this volume fills the needs of students and teachers. Including Chopin's "Minute Waltz," Beethoven's "Rondo a Capriccio," and much more. Spiral bound.

Pianist T-Shirts

This is a piano themed t-shirt along with different colors and styles. Your expert musician will be happy to wear.

Piano Keyboard Earrings

Imagine the pianist or a musician in your life wearing these cute keyboard earrings! These tasteful earrings are a perfect size, not too big or too small yet give that fashion flair with a dash of sassy

3D Piano Keys Mug

A great holiday or year-end gift for a special piano teacher, musician, or even yourself. This mug is illustrated with piano keys. A wonderful way to show your appreciation. Consider filling the mug with some little candies and wrapping with a bow.

Digital Piano 88 Key

Even if they already have a traditional piano, an digital keyboard is a great gift because it allows them to play with headphones, plug into the computer to write/record, any other functions not possible with a standard piano.

Piano Keyboard Clock

Can stand alone for wall and table. Have one bracket to support the clock on desk. Silent non-ticking mechanism with sweeping movement. Enjoy a quiet environment!

What should you avoid giving a pianist?

a - Anything too generic with other musical instruments printed on it. Show your interest in their passion by getting specific.

b - Rollup keyboards. You will see many of these for sale. Although it's appealing, they cannot play chords and are more frustration than they’re worth