• Drake Silver

Your Tools To Bring Those beats Alive

I have been where you are. Not knowing where to get your equipment. Not knowing what software you should start with. The prices are way too high and your budget is way too low. You don't want your dream to end just because you can't produce beats that are inside your head. You're getting frustrated and mad you wish to just cut all the steps out and just go straight to a school that can send you everything. Just wait a minute and let me show you a way that can please your pockets.

You should get your tools before you venture down the music road. All the soundproofing, the microphones, and the computer tech need to learn on the go. I will present a list of the items you can get to let you start being creative.

Music Producer Equipment Set

I would start by finding a whole set. Having looked for a set that can stay within your budget. Instead of going out there spending $1000 - $2000 separately on items. As you can tell from the picture, this would have the chords, speakers, headphones, microphone, music producer software, mic stand, and how to turn up or turn down certain beats.

Portable USB Mixer

This right here is for those who knows how to make the beat thump a little more. I'm sure rather it was a TV show or a movie. You seen this pad mixer use to mix beats. You might be a rookie, but you should get this so you can play with a little. Let your imagination take over.

Soundproof Foam

These Soundproof Foams will help a lot. Making sure your neighbors or family hear what your doing late at night. Keeping the noise from spreading out or even coming in. So no matter how loud you get or what instrument your playing. Always get some good soundproofing foam.

Music Recording Software

The software will always be key to what you can do on your laptop or computer. Always make sure the software is compatible with you mac or pc. Once you download it is where your ready to work on your beats.

There you have it. There will be plenty of time to get more equipment, even better ones. Right now your just starting and these are just the basics. Don't over spend on something your going to let catch cob webs.


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