• Kate

MCM's Luxe New Campaign Stars Frankie Jonas

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The main character is now known as "Bonus Jonas."

Frankie Jonas stars alongside musical artist Babyxsosa in MCM's latest #MCMEverywhereIGo campaign, which includes a collection of new images highlighting the Germany luxury brand's iconic handbags and silhouettes.

The campaign highlights MCM's signature bags and promotes artistic self-expression, drawing inspiration from a diverse community of digital creators.

The soundtrack for the advertisement is Babyxsosa's Everywhereigo. In a press release, the star said, "MCM allowed me to express the true boss in me by capturing my energy and style while wearing the brand's iconic handbags in the creative campaign."

“The vibe of MCM and their team for this campaign was very impressive,” Jonas added. “I was particularly impressed with how they incorporated video, movement, and music into the overall design. MCM embraces both individuality and culture, which is something I can relate to and why this relationship is a good match for me.”

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