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Luke Bryan Dispels Rumors 'We Should Call Maury Povich' is his son with Maren Morris.

May the fourth be with you, but you are not the father of Maren Morris' son, Luke [Bryan]. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, he refuted the rumors (May 4).

DeGeneres joked that she was disappointed that he didn't record the alleged progress of his parenting experience in his forthcoming five-part mini docuseries Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary, which is currently in development and slated to air on IMDb TV. Despite the fact that Morris and her husband, Ryan Hurd, welcomed their first child together on May 23, 2020, fans were still unsure about the father a year later — and neither was Bryan's own mother.

"So I'm getting a cup of coffee when my mother phones. 'I'm sitting here reading some gossip thing...' she says. 'It says you fathered Maren Morris's brother,' she continues. 'Oh my gosh,' I exclaim. 'I don't need this today,' says the narrator." Bryan remembered their phone conversation. "So Maren's husband Ryan Hurd wrote my latest song, 'Waves,' which is out now. And I relayed it to Ryan directly from my mother. 'Buddy, I think we need to meet,' I said."

The 44-year-old country singer then looked the camera in the eyes and cleared the air, declaring once and for all, "I am not the biological father. We may call Maury Povich in or whatever method you want."

Morris expressed her appreciation on Twitter, posting a snippet from a daytime talk show and writing, "Thanks for clearing this one up @LukeBryanOnline @RyanHurd."