• Kate

Lil Wayne Purchases a $15 Million Mansion

Lil Wayne has stepped up his game with a new Los Angeles mansion that cost him over $15 million.

Weezy paid $15.4 million for the mansion in L.A.'s coveted neighborhood of Hidden Hills, according to TMZ on Saturday (April 3). The house is said to have seven bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms, and is 12,135 square feet. The upscale digs, which sit on 3.26 acres, include a home theater, pool, basketball court, and a one-bedroom guest house. A chef's kitchen, breakfast room, refrigerated wine show, piano area, and entertainer's lounge are among the other additions. The house is said to be next to Kylie Jenner's residence.

Tunechi recently made headlines for criticizing the Grammy Awards, in other Wayne-related news. Weezy jumped on Twitter the day after the 2021 Grammy Awards, which aired on March 15, and inexplicably tweeted, "Fuk the Grammys." Wayne has won five Grammy Awards throughout his musical career.

Wayne, who has been in the rap industry for 25 years, seems to be working as hard as ever. He announced last month that a new Young Money compilation album is on the way. This follows the announcement that his I Am Not a Human Being 3 album will be released this year, as well as confirmation that a joint album with Nicki Minaj will be released at some point. Tune and Drake have also suggested doing another joint tour.

All of this was in jeopardy when Wayne pleaded guilty to a federal gun charge and was sentenced to ten years in prison last December. Fortunately for the New Orleans musician, former President of the United States Donald Trump pardoned him in January.