• Drake Silver

In the United States and the United Kingdom, Spotify has begun to raise prices for family plans.

The new prices take effect on Friday; some existing customers will get one more month at the old rates before being charged more in June.

Starting Friday, Spotify will raise the prices of some of its premium subscriptions in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Premium family plans in the United States are the only ones that are becoming more expensive, rising by $1 a month to $16 as of Friday. People who are still on a family premium plan will extend their subscription for one more month at the current $15 rate before the increase takes effect for the June billing period.

Spotify announced the price hikes in the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries. The company is expected to discuss the price hikes in its quarterly earnings report, which will be released early Wednesday morning.

Spotify said in a statement, "We provide a range of subscription plans tailored to our users' needs, and we periodically change our rates to represent local macroeconomic conditions and meet consumer demands while providing an unmatched experience."

Spotify, the most popular streaming service in terms of both listeners and subscribers, offers a free tier funded by ads that allows anyone to listen to music and podcasts for free with certain limitations, such as the ability to pick unique tracks to listen to on the go through its phone app. However, Spotify's different premium tiers drop these limits as well as all advertisements.

Spotify and Apple Music have emerged as the pioneers in a battle to overtake subscription music as the culture has turned to streaming as the most popular way people listen to tunes. Despite the fact that Spotify continues to be the most popular streaming service in terms of both listeners and subscribers, Apple Music has benefited from the success of the iPhone to attract new subscribers.

Individual subscriptions for both are $10 a month, which has been the norm in the streaming landscape for the past year. Spotify's family plan will now be $1 more expensive than Apple Music's family-sharing alternative. Other competitors, such as Pandora, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Tidal, all charge $15 a month for family plans, making Spotify the outlier among competitors.