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Eye Catching Gifts To Give Fiddlers Or Fiddles Fanatics

After watching your friend or family practice the violin and getting good. From the screeching to the perfect tune. You think it's time to give them a reward. Enough with the worthless small gas station trinkets and out of date violin mugs. Let’s talk about real gifts that violinists will actually love.

Exactly what gifts do musicians love and which ones they hate?! If you aren’t a string player, your musician will think you are if you purchase them something off this list! Whether you are looking for a gift for an orchestra partner, a fiddler, a music teacher, or a child, here is my short list of gifts for violin players and teachers.

At the end there will also be a list of what gifts to NOT buy.

A New Fiddle Set

If you are still wondering what the best gift for a fiddler is, then i don't know what to tell you. The best fiddle will always be number one, unless you already gave them a fiddle! If your fiddle/violin player is playing on a cheap instrument, giving them a better quality one will help their playing tremendously. Whether your rookie or pro, an upgrade is always best.

Swanky Rosin

Don’t just get a violinists any rosin. Get them this swanky, expensive, and posh rosin. Trust me when I tell you I did my research. Rosin is candy for violinists.

This Jade L’Opera Rosin comes in an adorable violin shaped box. Or you can find others like this beautifully crafted Paris Box. There is also Sartory Rosin which comes in a octagonal wooden case.

Tuning Fork w/ Resonator Box

Tune like a pro with this tuning fork produces an A at 440 allowing you to tune to a pure sound. This can’t be matched with electronic tuners. The resonator box makes the quality of the pitch way better. If your a serious violinist, you will love the accuracy a tuning fork allows for tuning precision.

Fiddle Music Books

For the fiddle players out there or those looking for something new like a hobby. Fiddle books are a great gift idea for fiddlers. From French fiddlers, to Appalachia, to Celtic jigs.

Violin Candy Gift Box

Visit Mozart’s birthplace in Salzburg, Austria and you’ll find these delicious candies in every shop. They are made of almond and pistachio marzipan and hazelnut praline. They come in many varieties. This certain violin-shaped gift box is sure to be a hit as a gift. This would be a great for violin teachers and for any string player!

Season Orchestra Tickets

Another great gift for violinists/fiddlers that will last all year long. Yes, your local orchestra. Make sure you see what's shows are playing for upcoming concerts. Orchestras offer season tickets sometimes at a discount. So you can look forward to concerts all year. For the violin player who has everything, this should be the perfect gift.

Online Violin Classes

Having an teacher there to give personalized violin instruction. then Online Violin Lessons is good to give as a gift. You can check the website for classes and rates. Either buy one lesson or buy in bulk and let your violinist schedule their lessons. Nothing compares to learning how to play your violin better.

What Violin Gifts to Avoid:

Since you know what the best gifts for violin players are. Let’s talk about what NOT to buy.

The “Starter” Violins

Don’t buy a cheap violin just to see if your someone will like it. Might be a big waist of money either way.

Shoulder Rests

This is a personal choice that needs to be left up to the violinist themselves.

Wire Stands

Portable wire stands can be very frustrating to deal with. My opinion is to skip the wire stand

Violin Mugs, Picture Frames, and other Worthless Knick-Knacks

Maybe newbies find these small trinkets amusing, but a vet in the game appreciate something useful.


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