• Drake Silver

Let's Get Ready To "Fiddle" Around

"Fiddle", the name itself sparks curiosity and fun amongst kids. Seeing how fiddles go with folk tales, why wouldn't you be enjoying yourself. Some confusing, I'm pretty sure you know I am talking about the fiddle and not a violin. Two completely, but same, instruments. As I would witness fiddlers on the street bouncing around as they play. Everyone is clapping and smiling. They almost make the fiddle look interesting and easy to play. I do wonder though... with the violin where did the fiddle come from? Stick with me as I explain what I found out.

The Beginning Of The Fiddle: Then and Now

You can't talk about fiddles without bringing up violins. The violin was here first. That said, the violin before it took on the name fiddle was in the early 16th-17th century. Andre Amanti and Gasparo di Bertolotti from northern Italy created two violins. Keep in mind that those two violins are still here, looking fresh.

The strangest thing is that no one seems to know how the name "Fiddle" came to exist. Like a trend, the name came and stuck. There are rumors that the origins came from the old English era, but the word was the name "file". Even so, the fiddle was born playing at small and big get-togethers. Perform on a street corner or at the circus. Now we can hear it from concerts, orchestras, and even albums. Got to thank engineering huh.

I Heard Of The Devil's Fruit, But The Devil's Instrument...

Now I'm an open-minded person. I do believe there is some higher being out there. I don't get why out of ALL the instruments. Why they have to call the fiddle/violin the "Devil's Instrument". I hope one of my lives didn't live in the 19th century. Of course, the religious leaders gave it that name because it was all about control. They also thought witches were real. This is too funny, to them the Devil was the creator of death and dance. So when people otherwise known as gypsies would have parties at night. They would dance, circle around a fire, while playing the fiddle. This is not a surprise nor will it ever be.

Fiddle VS Violin: The Age Old Competition

We know that the Fiddle and Violin are the same, but there is a difference. You could put them together and I wouldn't be able to see it. A true fiddler or violinist, they will pick apart it in seconds. From what I heard the fiddle has a little more slang. It is cheaper, like when you see the difference that fiddle doesn't look so bad to start with a difference. A good fiddle can cost between $100 to $250. You won't mind taking your fiddle to a bar and letting others play it with dirty hands. While owning a violin will make you feel like it's an ancient artifact worth millions. Fiddle music is easier to learn than violin music. So if you thinking of picking up a hobby, I would suggest starting with the fiddle first. After you got the basics and can play at least two fiddle music. Then get a violin within your budget, and start working on those songs.

I hope the readers got what they were looking for. Yes, this one is about the instrument fiddle and not the plant. Still, if you're reading this you had a curiosity that needs to be quench. To those that came because they wanted some advice. Then I hope you understand that this blog is that, my opinion. I will take up trying the fiddle myself and seeing how much fun it will be.