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The Ones Behind The Velvet Soundproof Doors

We don't see them, they create masterpieces. We don't hear from them unless they want to be out there. Some people create the beat, who conducts the singer to bring his or her voice higher or lower. The ones who tell it like it is because the instrumental beats they create are almost like their babies. They work twice as hard making sure everything is perfect. Give a standing ovation to the Music Producers.

Yes, people who put half of the soul into that beats that ring your ears. The beats that DJs use to drop and hype the crowds. Music producers' jobs are not easy. Even the ones who create those catchy commercial jingles. From jingles like McDonald's, KitKat, State Farm, and Subway we all can sing or whistles those with ease. A song like "Call Me Maybe", "Hey Ya", and many more to the point we were singing along or annoyed. Understand that unless those lyrics were writing on point. I would say that the artist 8/10 times had to hear the instrumental beat over and over plenty of times. Being a music producer is a hard job, fun, but it does have its sacrifices that take up time.

Becoming An Music Producer

Music producers come in many forms. From Dr. Dres to Rick Rubins, music producers got styles that are their own. The vibes that come from their beats are a feeling that makes people want to 1 2 steps. Beats that make every artist wanting to be on one of those songs playing thousands maybe a hundred thousand just to get one song. That's what you want too right?... You should erase that thought from your mind like now. When it comes to newbies in the game with little to no connections. The most you would make in a year would be 29,000 - 51,000 a year. Unless you come up with the artist at the same time, but I'm assuming you coming up on your own.

So here are some tips on what you will need to be a music producer.

  1. Sit down and take some time maybe a week to think, if you do want to be a music producer. Also, think about which type of music you would want to produce. Focus on one Genre at first to get your feet wet.

  2. That being said, what genre you pick you should take the time to listen to a variety of kinds of music and focus on how the beats are made. Trust, even a rock band has special beats that play so well you couldn't even hear it at first.

  3. Be a Musician. Learn how to play the Piano or Guitar. Learn to sing a little which could help with lyrics. There are music producers who can play at least one or more instruments.

  4. Get all the music-making software and just start making beats. test out which sounds good together and what doesn't. Just have fun with it.

  5. To find a really good school to get a Bachelor's Degree. You have to get your knowledge up when working in a booth. It's more than knobs and beat-making.

  6. To get some experience you should find a record studio or company to internship at. Those producers have been in the game for a long time. Get your "street" wisdom from them.

  7. Start producing beats that can get people's attention. Even if you have to give out beats for free, build up a good network. Be available to go from city to city.

  8. Last but not least, you should look for rare talent and produce his or her music. There are lots of people out there who have talents. You just have to make sure you can judge that person right. Hoping that you can sacrifice the time and money in helping them become famous.

Beginning Of A Beautiful Journey.

This journey is long you just need to be patient. I know you have seen the movies like "N.W.A Straight Outta Compton" where Dr. Dre had to start from his boss's garage to where he is now. How he had some others come down to rap on his beat, but they were being disrespectful. So then he took Easy E, help him rap those lyrics right with the beat, then the rest was set in stone from there. All you need is patience, a good beat, and to find someone who can sing or rap to the stars. If the sky's the limit then blow past it and make it to the moon

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