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Beats Are Music Tone Setters

Hello there readers, welcome back for another blog on Enchantin Sounds. I'm here to talk about Instrumental Beats. The same beats that can make you nod your head, tap your foot, dance, get hyped, ETC. Picture this... you in your car and there is this one song before the words come that you can hear the beat. Of course, if you can sing the song that just means the words are epic. Understand though the words are good, it's just something about that beat that just makes you forget about the words and groove. Let me give you an example.

"It may not mean nothing to y'all

But understand nothing was done for me

So I don't plan on stopping at all

I want this shit forever mayne, ever mayne, ever mayne".

This is a rap song by Drake, now we ALL know the words, but when you were reading those lyrics you heard the beat in the back of your head. That beat is what I would call epic. There's also

"Oh, this has gotta be the good life

This has gotta be the good life

This could really be a good life, good life

Say oh, got this feeling that you can't fight

Like this city is on fire tonight

This could really be a good life

A good, good life"

This is a really good song. To me the beat hits, the words are on point, and the vibe is relaxed and feels good. These lyrics are by OneRepublic and once again when you read those words the beat came to you in the back of your mind.

What Type of Instrumental Beats Should I Use

There are different types of beats one could use. It depends on how good you are as a singer or rapper. Artists like Lil Wayne, who has a lot of mixed CDs with him rapping on other's beats. Some up-and-coming rappers tend to find and buy other beats that are being used because of their budget situation. Instrumental beats differ from person to person depending on their style. Some rap slows some rap fast. Others like R&B singers want nice slow music with a good beat. Pop stars tend to sing on beats that can make you dance. Think about it, you wouldn't want some artist can be flexible, but you wouldn't want R&B singer Mario making a song on a beat made for Kid Ink. You wouldn't want Kendrick Lamar rapping on a beat made for Katy Perry, would you? Yes, some get together and collab, but the producer knew who was going to be on the beat. When you choose your beat, you have to make sure it fits your style. Beats have feelings too and the audience can taste them.

The Vibe That Comes From Every Instrumental Piece

A beat has feelings that can either make you feel happy and sad. Have a bad day at work and you usually will put on a song to calm you down like slow music. A good day will make you listen to an uppity song. The beat is what your hearing and it sets that pace. Back in the 2000s on the weekends. you couldn't go anywhere without hearing Lil Jon's music. That's because the instrumentals he played got you hype through the roof. You only heard a couple of songs thru the weekday, but once the weekend came. whether it be on the radio or someone in the car next to you was blasting it. When you heard the song or most likely the beat... YOU. GOT. HYPED. Instrumental beats give their vibe, their feelings for the listeners. Sometimes the words don't even be good or sounds kind of force. Just know the beat will never let you down.

I Like My Beat Down Low

If you're reading this and thinking about singing or rapping. Just know every beat is not meant for you. These instrumentals are destined for that one pop star singer, country star, rapper, indie, and whoever needs the beats. Don't go thinking because this person killed the beat that you can do it too. No, go and get your beat. If your thinking that person killed it, then what makes you think you can. These beats will always remember no matter who was on them. They become epic when not only are the beats bring a vibe, the artist is making his or her words vibe right with the beat. Just how dancers need to trust one another. Of course, if your a reader and have no interest in that world don't worry. When you hear the beats you will understand that not all are made for that life.


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