• Drake Silver

Groove With The Top Fiddlers In The Game.

Many famous fiddlers have influenced the history of fiddle playing through the years. These fiddlers have mastered their skills in music and performing with the fiddle. They’re known not only for their musical abilities but also for their love their passion for fiddle playing. Sharing what they learned and used with the world. Here is my humble opinion of the top fiddlers today you should learn a thing or two from.

Bob Wills - Known for his influence on Western swing. He began performing everyday, mostly for dances and radio stations. Then, Bob started his own band named Texas Playboys and had 7 different publishers help recorded. He received many music awards, including the honor of being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1968.

Alasdair Fraser - Scottish fiddler player currently residing in northern California. San Francisco Examiner has called him “the Michael Jordan of Scottish fiddling.” He has won lots of awards, has many TV credits, and he is the featured performer on many songs.

Performed well over 50 times on BBC Radio and has won Scottish National Fiddle Championship twice.

In 1996, Alasdair received the National Association of Independent Record Distributors otherwise known as NAIRD for his album Dawn Dance. Then formed a band named Skyedance with the members featured on Dawn Dance. He still performs regularly.

Charlie Daniels - Best known for his country hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Charlie is a talented fiddle player, a talented singer, and guitarist. His has a unique style of music that combines rock, country, bluegrass, blues, and gospel.

Charlie found success after moving to Nashville in the 60s. That's when his career began to explode. In 62 he co-wrote the song “It Hurts Me,” which was recorded and released by the king himself, Elvis Presley in 64. Charlie Daniels holds 7 title awards and is in the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in 2009.

Jay Ungar - He became a member of Cat Mother, the All Night News Boys, and the Putnam String County Band. Later he was a member of Fiddle Fever and the David Bromberg Band. To this day, he perform duets with his wife, Molly Mason.

Craig Duncan - Both classical and country trained musician. Craig is a talented fiddler who can also play the viola, mandolin, rhythm and electric guitar, and several other instruments.

He has also written books and produced and arranged music. He featured in Instrumentalist over 60 albums. North American Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame and Who’s Who in Music and Musicians. He made music that has been featured on TV shows.

As you can see, these names you can consider the Godfathers of fiddles. Look them up and listen to their songs. You will be able to see why they went so far playing the fiddle. Trust me there are hundreds of fiddlers who i haven't even named.